treating_odors_contentTreating Odors Efficiently

Sulfur-reducing bacteria live in oxygen-deficient environments such as wells, plumbing systems, deadlines, water softener systems and water heaters. These bacteria flourish in hot water and eventually change into hydrogen sulfide which causes a rotten egg odor. This is particularly true in well water, but may also occur in any unused line or tank where there is little to no water movement.

If you are experiencing an odor such as this, you need to contact Miller-Morgan. We have significant experience in diagnosing and treating these types of problems.

Generally the smell can be eliminated by reducing the amount of hydrogen gas generated in a tank. This can be accomplished by replacing the standard anode (connection) of the water line to the tank with an aluminum/zinc anode. Any deadline or any tank left unused for long periods of time is a potential breeding ground for the odor-causing bacteria, and should be monitored as well.

Sulfur odors that occur in produced water in most cases can be reduced with properly designed treatment equipment prior to entering the home. This may include aeration or sulfur filtration process. For those homes with softened water, we also recommend installation of Miller-Morgan’s OA-13 filter. In most cases, we can alleviate any additional odor that has migrated to your home.

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