Improving Quality and Safety

Water Quality and Filtration

The first sign that something is “wrong” with your water is often based on your own perceptions. You can often see, smell or taste something different in your water which leads you to suspect a water problem. This could include an issue with the main water supply, your own household plumbing, or even an environmental cause.

Miller-Morgan can test your water free of charge. In doing so, we determine the cause of the water problem and whether your current treatment equipment is operating properly. Based on those test results, we will make suggestions on how to improve your water quality

When we test your water, we look for the following:

  • Iron (Color-Taste)
  • pH (Acidic-Alkaline)
  • Tannins (Color)
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (Sulfur Smell)
  • TDS (Organic Salts)
  • Hardness (Scale)

Read more to learn how you can learn to identify noticeable water quality issues  and how Miller-Morgan can provide comprehensive and efficient services to assist you.

Our goal is to give you, our valued customers of Naples, Florida,  an affordable solution to your water quality problems.

Remember these simple questions to determining whether or not you might have a water quality problem.

  • How does your water look?
  • How does your water smell?
  • How does your water taste?

If you are concerned about any of the above, call Miller-Morgan at 259-455-1897 for a free water quality test.


Visit www.wqa.org for additional resources on noticeable water quality issues.