Preventative Maintenance Program for Residential Water Treatment


Unlike many of our competitors, Miller-Morgan provides a comprehensive monthly maintenance program for our residential customers. In addition to providing a systematic, beyond the routine, inspection of the equipment, we also assess the condition of your water, provide thorough cleaning of the equipment, add the necessary materials such as salt and other ingredients, and highlight any potential issues that need to be immediately addressed. Not only does this process ensure water at all times, it also gives you peace of mind.

The following is a list of common procedures generally included in our preventative maintenance program. This is not an all-inclusive list; each maintenance program is dependent upon the individual homeowners’ system, needs and contract:

  1. Electrical components testing to assess the incoming power, the pumping equipment and the pressure switch
  2. Pressure tank and gauge assessments
  3. Pump pressure and volume test
  4. Aerator and pump sterilization and review of other safety features
  5. Media cleanse and assessment of softener, if applicable
  6. Media cleanse and assessment of sulfur unit, if applicable
  7. Media cleanse and assessment of carbon unit, if applicable
  8. Maintenance of the brine tank which includes cleaning, as well as the addition of salt and other ingredients
  9. Assessment and cleaning of chemical pumps and solution tank, if applicable
  10. Pre- and post-test water assessment

At the end of each maintenance check, you will receive a detailed report outlining the results of the visit with identification of any problems related to the status of your equipment and its performance. Our ability to manage problems identified at the time of the visit will be dependent upon your individual contractual agreement.

With our monthly preventative maintenance residential water treatment program your water and your water system equipment is Well Managed.

For more information on our monthly maintenance program for residential water treatment, call 239-455-1897.