Minimizing Costly Repairs

Irrigation Well Management

Today’s complex irrigation systems require expensive pieces of equipment and controls to provide water at all times in the growing cycle for the many variations in plantings and turf types now grown in Collier County. If your pumping equipment were to fail during the dry season or when expensive landscaping is being done, even one day without moisture could result in a total loss.

Your irrigation pumping equipment is similar to any other piece of equipment, and it should receive  consistent scheduled inspections and ongoing maintenance to insure proper operation.

Maintenance is a key aspect to operating a well efficiently and to reducing costly repairs. Miller-Morgan provides an extensive monthly assessment to ensure your well system is functioning at peak performance. We do this because small imperfections within a well system can cause major system repairs, if left untreated over time.

Miller-Morgan wants you to be an educated consumer so that together we can maintain a healthy water system for you and your family.

Here is the information you need to consider in order to be well informed about your system:

  • What is the overall condition of your water system?
  • What is the quality of your water?
  • How much water do you have?
  • How well have the water system elements been maintained through routine inspections and tune-ups?
  • Do you understand which water system elements commonly wear out?

Our experienced technicians are trained in water treatment services and management. These professionals can deliver a custom designed inspection to meet your water system’s needs. A general inspection by our technicians includes the following:

  • A complete water system check
  • Air charge/ pressure balance
  • Pressure switch check
  • Performance check and inspection on mechanical and electrical equipment-including variable frequency drives
  • Efficiency check
  • Inspection of the integrity of the well seal
  • A complete report of the inspection which includes detailed water system results and recommendations.

In addition to the normal monthly system inspection, Miller-Morgan also performs a water analysis, or water test, to determine the quality of your water.

We are a licensed Well Drilling and Unlimited Landscape Contractor serving Naples, Florida and its surrounding communities, with more than 35 years of experience. Our goal is to assure that your wells operate at peak performance and comfort at all times.

Call 239-455-1897 to speak with one of our qualified water treatment professionals. We can design a water treatment maintenance program that can diagnosis a small issue before it becomes an expensive problem, for as little as $3.00 per day.

Miller-Morgan is available to give you and your family or your business, Water Well Managed.