Managing the Elements

Irrigation Iron Control

Miller-Morgan provides a water treatment service and system to prevent problems caused by sprinkler system stains. This system treats the iron concentration in the well water before the water exits the sprinkler head.

Other water treatment companies treat iron build-up by filtration methods. This involves removing the iron particles from the water stream, which is an excellent method for low flow rates, such as in household use. However, irrigation flow rates can be high and a filtration system would need to be quite large to be effective in irrigation systems. The resulting expense could be very costly.

As part of our water treatment services, Miller-Morgan provides commercial grade chemical products that are introduced to the water before it comes out of the sprinkler head. This method of chemical injection into a water line, will eliminate, or greatly reduce, stains caused by irrigation. This method of iron control provides a cost effective and efficient means of managing the stains.

Once installed, Miller-Morgan also offers a preventative maintenance program that treats any returning stains at no additional charge.

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Disclaimer: There is a possibility of some stains remaining or reappearing after treatment because of ferric iron, iron bacteria or tannins that naturally can occur in Florida’s Collier County well water.