Does Your Water Smell?

Posted in - Water Quality & Wells

If you think your water smells like a rotten eggs, you may have bacteria growing in your drain. Or you may have bacteria growing in the water heater or bacteria growing in your well. If you have ruled out bacteria growing in the drain or the water heater, and you suspect that the problem is coming from your well, do not use the water because it may contain harmful bacteria.

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We will complete a comprehensive water quality test to determine why you are experiencing the water odor, and create a cost efficient water treatment plan to meet your water quality needs. You are under no obligation to pay until we can effectively solve your water problem. If you suspect other problems associated with your well or the water supply, we are here to answer your questions. We can manage all of your water quality needs. Our goal is for you to have safe water, clean water, and a sufficient amount of water for your home or business.